• Question: How many different types of salt are there

    Asked by eggse to Saima on 18 Nov 2013.
    • Photo: Saima Rehman

      Saima Rehman answered on 18 Nov 2013:

      Hi eggse, I think you are asking about the salt in Chemistry?
      On the basis of chemical reaction, different types of salts are formed. Most common is the “table salt” which is made up of Sodium and Chloride (NaCl).
      Then there are other types which are formed by mixing either:
      A non-metal and a metal
      or a metal and an acid
      or acid and base
      Generally there are different types of salt based on their location, for example natural salt: found in food
      Sea salt: found in sea
      Rock salt: Huge crystals of salts forming rocks
      This is interesting to know that salts exist in all colours (like Nickel chloride is green WOW..), all taste (even sweet! ), and different odors (smell like vinegar).