• Question: What do you think about the other scientists experiments ?

    Asked by reenexox to Antoine, Julie, James, Daniel, Saima on 14 Nov 2013.
    • Photo: Julie Speakman

      Julie Speakman answered on 14 Nov 2013:

      Hello again reenexox!
      I think they all sound interesting in their own way and would love to be a part of finding new cures for all the diseases out there. However, lab work is not really my thing so I’m actually quite glad they’re the ones looking down microscopes! And as for volcanos….can you believe James gets paid for that?! Sounds like far too much fun to be classed as work….I think if I didn’t do my job that would be the work (out of the other tellerium zone scientists) that I would do.

    • Photo: James Hickey

      James Hickey answered on 17 Nov 2013:

      Hey reenexox!

      I think the work done by the other scientists sounds really interesting. My favourite would have to be the work that Antoine does – making new compounds from old unwanted one seems cool, and it must be good for the environment :).

    • Photo: Saima Rehman

      Saima Rehman answered on 18 Nov 2013:

      Hi reenexox! Yes they all are doing very well, no doubt. They are hard-working and successful. Every subject has its own advantages and impacts. So we need devoted scientists in every discipline.

    • Photo: Antoine Buchard

      Antoine Buchard answered on 19 Nov 2013:

      Hi Reenox!
      Thanks James!
      I find the other scientists work really interesting.
      But I would like like Saima and Julie to help cure diseases!